Where mobility and stability equals optimal function

Golf and Sport Therapies is a business that is dedicated to helping athletes become more flexible, eliminate and prevent pain, get into shape, even perform better! Dr. LeBeau takes the time to evaluate and specifically find physical limitations that may be causing pain and obstructing your game. We take great pride in helping athletes reach their goals and treat every golfer like they're a professional. 

Certain joints in the body are meant to have mobility and certain joints are meant to be stable. If a mobile joint has decrease motion a stable joint will pick up the slack.  This can change the biomechanics, cause pain and issues in the body.

Benefits of CBD

Mobility Vs. Stability

Dr. Juliette LeBeau

Dr. Juliette LeBeau is a licensed Chiropractor that believes  mobility and stability are equally important to living a balanced healthy life.  Dr. Juliette LeBeau is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic. Before attending chiropractic school she received her bachelors degree from William Woods University, which she attended on a golf scholarship. Dr. LeBeau has a passion for golf and helping others play the game, without pain, to their full potential.


While in chiropractic school, Dr. LeBeau saw the power of sports rehab. She believes that finding the limitations and treating the dysfunction with stretching, soft tissue therapy, corrective exercises, and adjustments provides the best results  

* Reduces inflammation

* Relieves pain

* Promotes better sleep

* Relieves anxiety